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Windows Live Spaces are closing down their Blog ‘thing’ and moving to this WordPress thing which I don’t like and it didn’t bring all our photos across so we’re going to give up on our Blog now.  I keep up with most people on Facebook anyway so if you want to stay in touch (other than by EMail/Skype etc) get yerself on Facebook and search for Sesli8.  Huge end of an era … :.( xxx

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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I was in one of the local banks t’other day with Bugsy when the lady behind the counter exclaimed "I know that top, that’s Wolverhampton Wanderers isn’t it?!"  Her brother-in-law’s a Pom and is also a Wolves fan! Open-mouthed smile  Small, small world!
Having decided Goujon was definitely a hen, he’s turned out to be a definite rooster! Wink  If we ever get any more chicks, I’ll leave it a lot longer before deciding which sex they are!
Talking of birds, after Paul saying no more animals, it looks like we’re getting canaries and possibly budgies too!  Ron (who used to live over the road) has now moved to a new house and there’s an old aviary there that he wants Paul to get rid of.  Paul came home and told me about it and said he’d wondered what he could do with it.  I just looked at him wondering if what I thought was coming next would!  Sure enough, he said he’d wondered about keeping birds ourselves!  I said I knew just the man to talk to for advice and probably birds too – Jeff!  We invited him round and as suspected, he offered us lots of advice and also some of his canaries as they keep breeding.  When we told Jan and Pedro about this, Jan asked if we wanted their 2 budgies too!  I’ve looked on t’internet and the general consensus of opinion is that hook bills and straight bills shouldn’t be kept together.  Having said that, Jeff also has another old aviary so we could possibly have both canaries and budgies and keep them separate.  Paul’s going to get Ron’s aviary on Friday so photos will follow in due course.
I got a phone call from Paula (the reporter from The Stock Journal) recently saying she wanted to interview me for an upcoming ‘special’ on country towns.  Ron and Nugget both said they went to the sheep market the day that particular Journal came out and kept being asked where I was!  Best I put in another appearance there soon me thinks! Smile with tongue out
Paul’s been doing the Hospital job for about 3 weeks now and seems quite happy with it.  He’d been hoping he’d also get the Groundsman job to make it up to a full-time job but it looks as though he’s got to do that as well in his allotted 2½ days a week!
When I first went to Rory the Chiropractor, he ascertained there were 41 problems with my spine. Sad smile  When I had my assessment the other weekend he said I was now down to 18! Smile  He was very surprised as most people don’t show that much improvement over that span of time but I pointed out that I’d do anything to help ease the pain and had done lots and lots of the stretches he’d prescribed for me.
And last but certainly not least, we have a windmill!  We’d been putting the word around for absolutely ages that we’d like an old windmill head and when Nugget took us out to show us where we could cut wood, Paul spotted a couple of windmills lying down and told Nugget about our wish.  Nugget had a word with his son and it was agreed that we could have Nugget’s old one for the Mouse & Spanner – see photos!
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Guess it must be time for another entry!
Our biggest news is that Paul applied for a part-time Handyman job at the local hospital and got it.  It’s only 2½ days a week and not very well paid at all but it might just be enough to tide us over the slack times with his business.  We’re still looking out for a better paid job at the mines but nothing seems to be happening on that front.
I’ve made enquiries about doing local mailbox deliveries as then I’d get paid for walking Missy but not expecting that to be very well paid either.
Missy is due for her annual vaccination and registration again so we’ll be off to the vets and the Council offices tomorrow.
My back’s still playing me up but the Chiropractor will be giving me an assessment soon so I’ll know how much difference he’s made since I started seeing him.
We still haven’t got our next lot of visitors booked in but are hoping our friend Pete might venture out for a visit soon.  I think I put him off by mentioning that it’s currently winter here!  Our fires are working really well and we’ve managed to organise two places where we can go and get our fire wood for nothing except our petrol, time and chainsaw running costs so that’s fantastic.  It’s good to have friends like that!  Plus Bugsy loves helping Paul get the wood which saves my back.
We haven’t been anywhere for ages as money’s tight so no road trip adventures to tell you about.
Hopefully have something more interesting to write about next time!
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Not sure about doing a Blog entry as it’s all doom and gloom with us at the moment but this is as much about us keeping an online journal for ourselves as it is about letting all of you know what’s happening with us.
According to local information and the news, we have a plague of mice heading our way from the North and the South and a plague of locusts from the East!  We have ourselves noticed more mouse activity around our home and I spotted a rat in the animal food shed just the other day so we have poison pellets secreted about the place in select positions.  Not sure what we can do about the locusts.
I have been suffering with a bad back for a long time now and started seeing a Chiropractor fortnightly from January which does seem to be helping, albeit slowly.  A friend suggested I apply for a Care Worker position with the local aged care group which I did but after having a pre-employment assessment with a Physio, decided that my back and knees just weren’t up to it yet.
Paul’s Handyman business has nose-dived badly so we’ve been sending his resumé (as they call a CV out here) off willy nilly but so far, nothing’s come of it.  We’re hearing that you have to really chase people up for jobs out here.
We are just beginning to realise that Jamestown’s not altogether the wonderfully friendly place it first appeared to be which is rather sad for us but we do still have some good friends and, of course, we have each other!
We are both currently suffering with stinking colds and are dosing ourselves up with any medicine we can lay our hands on!
Goujon (our chick which is now a chook!) is doing very well and I was very pleased when it turned out she was a hen not a rooster!  Sadly we lost Soup a couple of days ago.  Not sure what she died of but it was heartbreaking to see her so weak and hang on so long.
Paul’s been doing lots of cooking/baking recently with having so much time on his hands.  When we get an over abundance of eggs he makes batches of quiches which freeze well.  I was given a couple of pumpkins (butternut squashes) from a friend’s garden so made lots of pumpkin soup which is also in the freezer ready for the cold weather.  When our friend Shazza was up, she treated us to home-made sausage rolls and tuna patties and gave us the recipes so Paul’s been making lots of sausage rolls recently as they went down so well in The Mouse & Spanner.  When Paul was doing a job at one of his customers, he was treated to a snack there which he got the recipe for and has been making them too – they’re like mini pizza bites (puff pastry with pizza-type seasoning and parmeson on).  And lastly, he made some Anzac biscuits a couple of days ago which are all gone now!
The weather is amazingly mild for April.  In fact, we were just sitting on the back verandah having a coffee together when Paul commented on the heat of the sun and said he didn’t think he remembered the sun ever being that hot in England!  Only about a week ago we changed over to the winter doona (duvet) but within a couple of days, had to change back to a sheet and a thin blanket.
Now on to the football – I have high hopes of the mighty Wolves staying in the Premiership for the next season, however, I have been known to speak too soon before!  Only 3 games left though … COME ON YOU WOLVES!
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Death in the Family

Just a short entry to let you know that Mint died yesterday Crying
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First of all  H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y  to Dad!  Hope you have a fun-filled birthday in the snow and win any snowball fights you decide to have! lol
Our little chicky’s doing fine as you can see from the pics above and Parmy was sitting on eggs recently but after the huge storm we had last night I’m not sure that’s going to continue plus somebody told us that if you have a storm during the first week, the eggs go rotten.  The thunder must have been directly overhead last night as the whole house and shed shook – never known anything like it.  Forget Missy being scared – I was!
We’ve just had a heatwave of over 40 degrees so are now enjoying a cool change of back in the 30s – funny that that now feels cold to us and we had a fleecey blanket on the bed last night!
Paul’s installed an air-con in our bedroom that we got for $30 from the Uniting Church and also a new one in the bar which we got from Bugsy as the freebie one we got from Chris at the Port Broughton Caravan Park decided to give up on us.  Now just need one in the guest room and we’re all air-conned up!
Looking forward to having Mum and Dad back to visit for a week at the beginning of February and just heard that our niece-in-law (?!) is hoping to come out later in the year!  Wahoo!
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